Items sold by Hair Hardware, Inc. are not toys and are sold as craft items to be assembled by adults. Small items by themselves may be a choking hazard.  If you intend for the finished product you make to be used by a child, please become familiar with safety laws and regulations for children’s products in your country or the country you plan to sell your item in. 

Hair Hardware, Inc. takes product safety very seriously. We never knowingly sell any products that contain lead. General Certificates of Conformity (GCC) that meet CPSIA requirements are available for our customers. 

To view and print copies of our GCC please see the links below for the product you are looking for.  We periodically take certificates down and re-upload them when we have products re-certified or if a manufacturer changes anything about the product or manufacturing process.  If you do not see the certificate for the product you are looking for please email 
The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued legislation regarding the manufacturing and distribution of products that are intended for be used by children under the age of 12 years old.  This applies even if you are just donating the items you make and not actually selling them.  There are many parts of the law and many parts of it do not apply to those creating hair accessories.  Below is some information here that applies to hair bows or other hair accessories which are made for children.


Small Batch Manufacturers and Third Party Testing:  

The complete details regarding the required registering as a Small Batch Manufacturer can be found on the site on their Small Batch Manufacturers page and also more details on the  Small Batch Manufacturers FAQ page.


  • All children's products must be tested and compliant with the applicable children's product safety rules
  • Small Batch Manufacturers must renew their registration every year 
  • Small Batch Manufacturers can obtain relief from certain aspects of the testing requirements - Products in "Group A" will still need to be tested by the Small Batch Manufacturer and products in "Group B" will not need to be tested by the Small Batch Manufacturer.  However, for products in "Group B", the Small Batch Manufacturer will need to provide a General Certificate of Conformity (GCC) for that product which can be derived from the GCC provided by the manufacturer for each component used in the final product.



Click here to view and print product General Certificates of Conformity (GCC).  Plesae note you must be a registered customer and logged in to access this page.