How To Make A Cheer Bow Step By Step

Learn how to make a perfect cheer bow with our step-by-step easy to follow instructions. We’ll show you all the tricks to get a professional result every time!

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Cheer Bow Supplies

cheer bow making materials Supplies Needed:
30” – 3” Grosgrain Cheer Bow Ribbon
4” – 3/8” Glitter Velvet Ribbon
Elastic Pony Tail Holder
Hot Glue Gun
Wood Burner
Cheer Bow Template Mat or Ruler
Double Sided Disks
Zip Tie
Stiffening Spray
To begin I pre-stiffened my ribbon with stiffening spray. I lightly sprayed the ribbon and then ironed it. This can help if you’re using plain grosgrain ribbon which has a tendency to be a little floppy. Pre-stiffening helps get a good initial shape. Don’t make it too stiff to begin with. You can add more spray when you’re done to keep the final shape.
Step 1:
Cut your ribbon to 30” long. You can adjust this length to add longer tails or bigger loops. Usually, you will not need more than 32” of ribbon. Fold your ribbon in half to leave a visible crease as the center or make a small mark.
Step 2:
I’m using a template mat from Cheer Bow Supply to keep measurements and angles perfect. You can also use a ruler. Lay your ribbon on the template mat with the crease at the center point. If using a ruler, make sure it is at least 6″ long. Put the crease at the 3″ mark.
Step 3:
Fold both tails of the cheer bow ribbon down following the outline on the template mat. If using a ruler, fold down crossing in the center starting at 3″ from the end middle point. Cross the ribbon in the middle making the top of the cross just under the back piece of ribbon.
Step 4:
I like to place an adhesive disk at the center point and between the crossed ribbon. This helps hold the shape. If you’re not using it, just hold the ribbon firmly in the center and slide the back ribbon down on the crossed ribbon. Line up the top of the crossed ribbon with the top of the back ribbon.
Step 5:
Keeping a firm grasp on the center, work the middle back and forth a few times to create “mountains and valleys” in the ribbon.
Step 6:
While holding the center crease, place the plastic zip tie around the center and close it half way. Make sure you close it far enough to hold the crease you just created, but not so much that you can’t make adjustments. Check your loops and tails and make sure it all looks even. You can still make minor adjustments. If you mess up, clip the zip tie and start over at step 2.
Step 7:
Align the closure at the back of the cheer bow. Pull the zip tie closed as tight as you can. Trim the extra length of zip tie.
Step 8:
Hot glue the elastic pony tail holder to the back of the cheer bow.
Step 9:
Glue the 4” long piece of 3/8” glitter velvet ribbon to the center of the bow. Wrap the side pieces of the center ribbon to the back and trim any extra. Leave enough to wrap around and glue around the pony tail holder.
Step 10:
Trim your tails by folding the ribbon end in half and cut on an angle. Lightly run a woodburner on the cut ends to prevent them from fraying.
Step 11:
Make sure your bow is shaped exactly the way you want it to stay and spray with stiffening spray. Saturate the ribbon, but not so much it is dripping. Allow to dry.
Your bow is complete!

You can also customize your cheer bow and dress it up with fabric, vinyl, rhinestones and spangles!