A Beginner's Guide To Hair Bow Ribbon Types

Posted by on 1/2/2014
  • Grosgrain Ribbon - This type of ribbon is one of the most popular ribbon used in hair accessories.  The ribbon is woven in such a way that gives it a distinctive ribbed pattern.  It is a very sturdy ribbon.  Most grosgrains are 100% polyester so it will heat seal well.
  • Satin Ribbon - Satin ribbons are generally used for more elegant occasions such as weddings and formal uses.  Satin ribbon has a glossy, smooth finish.  Double faced satin is shiny on both sides and single faced satin is shiny on one side, with a matte finish on the other side.  It can be printed.  It is also a sturdy ribbon that is easy to work with.
  • Sheer Ribbon - Sheer ribbon has a translucent appearance.  It is also called organdy and georgette.  Sheer ribbon can be printed and even woven with different elements to give a metallic or ombre appearance.
  • Twill Ribbon - Twill ribbon is similar to grosgrain, but the ridges are generally woven with a V shape.  Twills are more flexible and do not hold shape as well as Grosgrain, Sheer and Satin ribbon for hair bows.  
  • Jacquard Ribbon - Jacquard ribbon is a unique ribbon that has a woven pattern, similar to a mini tapestry.  The designs typically include floral, geometric shapes and novelties.  Jacquards are difficult to use a a single ribbon in hair accessories.  Due to the nature of the construction of the ribbon there is a right and a wrong side to the ribbon.  Usually it is layered with another ribbon such as Grosgrain so both sides of the ribbon can be visible.
  • Wire-Edge Ribbon - Wired ribbon has a fine, flexible wire running along both sides of the ribbon.  This allows the ribbon to be shaped into big loops.  You can also pull the ribbon on the wire to give a gathered effect.  Usually this type of ribbon is used in floral arrangements, baskets and other home craft projects.
  • Velvet Ribbon - Velvet ribbon is usually single sided.  Velvet ribbon has a fantastic no slip grip effect making it very useful in creating hair accessories.  You can use it to line hair clips, headbands and other crafts.  Another type of velvet ribbon is chenille ribbon that has velvet tufts running along the ribbon.