Learn To Make Ribbon Woven Headbands

Posted by on 7/17/2014
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Materials Needed:

  • 1”, ¾” or ½” plastic headband

  • 4 - 3/8” ribbons cut to 35-40” (shorter lengths for ½ or ¾ inch headbands)

  • Hot glue gun

  • Lighter (or other heat sealing tool such as a wood burner)

  • Alligator clips


    Getting Started:

    • Choose your ribbon – The color combinations you can pick are endless. Custom make them to match outfits, school colors or other special occasions. I will show you how to properly place the colors to achieve your desired look.

    • It is easiest to start with 4 different color ribbons until you get the weave pattern down.

    • Cut each ribbon to 35-40”. Use your lighter or wood burner to heat seal the ends. You will be gluing two ribbons together, but first you will need to know what colors you want as your outside triangle colors and inside diamonds.


Glue one outside triangle color to one inside diamond color. Then glue the other outside triangle color to the other inside diamond color. Make sure you overlap the glued ends by about ¼”.


Make an “X” with the ribbons as shown.


Glue the seam of one of the ribbons to the inside of the end of the headband and the other to the outside to the end of the headband.


Make sure the outside color is facing up and to the right. Be sure the seams cover when folded over.


Fold down the upper left ribbon over the seam on the front and the upper right ribbon over the seam on the back. This is your starting position. You can also add another dot of glue to hold the ribbons down secure as you fold them. You should be holding the headband upside down and working with the outside of the headband facing you. You are now ready for the 4-step repeated weave pattern!


The 4-Step Weave Pattern

Take the right front ribbon and wrap it behind the headband, between the headband and the back right ribbon. You will now have two back ribbons and one front ribbon on the left and one back ribbon on the right.


Now fold the remaining right back ribbon across the front. All four ribbons should now be on the left side. There will be an upper and lower front ribbon and upper and lower back ribbon.


Take the upper back ribbon and fold it around the front placing it under the upper front ribbon and over the lower front ribbon.


Take the upper front ribbon on the left and wrap it back going under the back ribbon. After completing this you should now be back to the starting position with two ribbons on the left (one front and one back) and two ribbons on the right (one front and one back). Repeat these 4 steps until the headband is covered.


The colors will not be in the same order. They will alternate position as you repeat this weave until the headband is completely covered. Be sure to secure the weave with alligator clips as you move along. This will ensure you will not get any gaps or loose areas.


Finishing the End Off

Continue to weave until you are about ¼” past the end of the headband. Hold the end with an alligator clip to keep it from unraveling.


Carefully pull back each ribbon, starting with the lower layers, and hot glue them tightly down. Do this carefully so your ribbons do not unravel later.


Your headband should look like this at this point.


Carefully cut the excess ribbon about 1/8” away from the end. Be sure not to cut it so short that you expose the plastic headband. You will heat seal the ends so they will shrink down some and round at the edges.


Use your heat sealing tool to finish off the edges. Be sure not to leave any sharp areas.

headbandphotos 027.JPGA striped look can be achieved by using two colors for both the inside diamonds and outside triangles.
headbandphotos 028.JPGA zig zag look can be created by using one color for the inside diamonds and two colors for the outside triangles (one being the same as the inside diamond color)
headbandphotos 029.JPGThis variation uses the same color for both inside diamond pieces and two completely different colors for the outside triangle pieces.
headbandphotos 030.jpgThis headbands is very similar to #3 except that it uses one color for the outside triangles and two different colors for the inside diamond pieces.
headbandphotos 031.JPG This is a very popular style using only two colors. Use the same color for the inside diamond pieces and another color for both outside triangle pieces.
headbandphotos 032.JPG Four entirely different colors were used to create this headband. Choose where you want the colors to be and place accordingly.
headbandphotos 033.JPGThis headband actually uses all the same ribbon. I used lollipop ribbon to achieve the unique look.

The possibilities are endless. Once you get comfortable with the weave, experiment a little using different types of ribbon. I’ve even used strips of cut fabric. Cutting the fabric is a little difficult; just make sure you use a rotary cutter and a mat.

These supplies can also be ordered through my web site at Hair-Hardware.com