Make A Tutu

Tutorial by Laura Gilbert

How Much Tulle And Waist Do I Need To Make A No Sew Tutu

One of the most common questions I get is how much tulle is needed for a tutu skirt.

Three questions you need to know to be able to estimate tulle.

How long do I want the skirt to be?

How full do I want the skirt to be?

How big do I need the waist to be?

AgeApprox. Size
6 -9 Months18"-19"
12-18 Months18.5" - 19.5"
2 Toddler19.5" - 20.5"
3 Toddler19.5" - 20.5"
4 Toddler20" - 21"
5 Years21" - 22"
6 Years22" - 23"

Kids and babies come in all different sizes, so to size it right, cut your elastic two inches shorter than the waist measurement. If the waist measures 20 inches, cut your elastic to 18 inches.

You will need to cut your tulle to twice as long as you want the finished skirt to be. If you are making a 20 inch skirt, cut your tulle to 40 inches long.

Strips of tulle for tutu dresses and skirts are usually 3” wide. Most tulle will come on 6” spools and larger. You can easily cut your tulle strips by first cutting the tulle to the length you need. Then roll it up length-wise. Once it is rolled up, you can cut your roll into 3 inch pieces. If you’re using 6” wide tulle, just cut it in half.

You will also need the ORIGINAL waist measurement to estimate your tulle needs.

Fullness of Skirt

Strips of 3” wide tulle per inch

VERY full








Now you have to do some math. My example is a 20” waist and a 10” skirt.

Elastic: My measurement is 20 inches. I need 18 inches of elastic.

Tulle: I am making a medium fullness skirt, so I will need 3 strips of tulle per inch. Since my ORIGINAL measurement is 20 inches, I need 60 (20x3) strips of tulle. My desired skirt length is 10 inches, so each strip needs to be 20 inches long. If I need a total of 60 strips, I need to multiply that by my 20 inch length.

60 (strips needed) X 20 (length of tulle per strip) = 1200 total inches of tulle

1200 (total inches of tulle needed) / 36 (inches per yard) = 33 yards

Most tulle you’re going to buy will be larger than the 3” width needed per strip. The most commonly available crafting tulle is sold on 6” wide spools. Since each 6” wide piece of tulle can be rolled up and cut into two pieces, you can divide your strip yardage needs in half.

33 (yards of 3” strips needed) / 2 (number of strips I can cut per yard of 6” wide tulle) = 16-2/3 yards.

If you are making a tutu dress on elastic crochet, you need to count the number of squares you need to fill. Start of my measuring your elastic crochet the manner as above. Measure the actual diameter and then subtract two inches. You will need to count the number of squares on your length of crochet. That is how many 3” strips you need. Multiply that number by the number of rows you want. Follow the tulle measurement above to determine the yardage needed.

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