Make Cheer Bows With Two Color Glitter School Letters And Mascots

Posted by on 1/13/2015

Step 1
Set your iron to “high”. Peel the paper from the back of the iron-on fabric strips. Place one strip aligned on one end of the 30” grosgrain ribbon piece. Cover with pressing sheet iron for about 5-7 seconds in each section until you have ironed the entire strip on. End with one slow pass of the iron across the entire strip.

Step 2:
Repeat for the next side leaving a gap in between on the back of the ribbon. This make creasing the bow easier and a less bulky center.

Step 3:
Trim the tails of your bow before you plan the layout. This makes placing the cut outs easier. For a V-Cut, fold ribbon in half lengthwise and cut on an angle.

Step 4:
Cross the tails of your bow and plan the layout of your cut outs.

Step 5:
Leave the cut outs where you placed them and uncross your ribbon. The tackiness from the transfer paper will hold them in place if you’re careful. Iron down the outer layer of the magic two color glitter vinyl cut out first. Leave everything stuck to the transfer paper as is and cover with a pressing sheet. Hold the iron on the top of the cut out for about 5 seconds using medium pressure. Allow to cool for a few seconds and then peel away the clear transfer tape.

Step 6:
Position the inner piece of the glitter iron on inside the outline. There will be a very slight overlap. Just make sure it’s even. Cover with a pressing sheet and hold the iron firmly on top for about 10 seconds. Allow to cool and then peel away the cover sheet.

Step 7:
Iron the mascot on the other tail the same way.

Step 8:
Cross your tails again the same way you aligned it the first time.
Make sure your tails and loops are even and pick up the ribbon in the center. Fold the center back and forth a few times to make an accordion fold for the center. Hold tight and secure with a zip tie. Pull the zip tie just half way closed so you can still adjust it if necessary.

Step 9:
After you are satisfied with the crease, pull the zip tie tight and trim the end.

Step 10:
Glue the metal portion of the pony tail holder to the zip tie on the back of the bow.

Step 11:
Glue one end of the glitter velvet ribbon to the back of the crease. Wrap around to the front and trim any excess. Glue down.

Step 12:
Your cheer bow is complete!

This tutorial is also available on YouTube - Video