D670 Double Sided Adhesive Filet Tape - 1/4" 36-Yards

D670 Double Sided Adhesive Filet Tape - 1/4" 36-Yards

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You will be ready to get rid of your glue gun after using this tape! You can easily and confidently layer ribbon to ribbon or fabric with this tape.

This is not your typical double sided scrap booking tape designed for paper.

This tape is made in the USA as a framing tape. It is an acrylic adhesive that is archival quality so it will not yellow or dry out. It is called D670 Fillet Tape. It's original design is for bonding metal, plastic, fabric and wood items together for framing. It has an ultra high bond so it is FANTASTIC for lining alligator clips, headbands, attaching embellishments and many other uses! To use just lay flat onto item, cut and peel away the paper backing. It sticks super strong right away, but we have found it reaches it's strongest bond after curing for 24 hours.

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